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Lyell Otis Community Association

 Lyell Otis Community Association (LOCA) was founded in July 2021 to fill a gap in community leadership and engagement. LOCA members realized that the only people who could do the work to revitalize the neighborhood were the individuals who reside in the community.

LOCA adopted the motto: “Community Unity” to address concerns and develop a dedicated betterment model to improve the neighborhood. LOCA plans to collaborate and coordinate with agencies throughout the City of Rochester to build a foundational roadmap within the region. As a community, our commitment is to ensure all voices are heard to track feedback from residents and businesses.


Historically, settlers with both German and Italian backgrounds made Lyell Otis their home front. Many of them embraced the uniqueness and established mobility built on the old subway bed. Lyell Avenue is historically known for locations such as Holy Apostles Church, a landmark established in 1884, for its medieval castle-like architecture. The area's businesses include restaurants with specialty ethnic foods and many service locations.

 Lyell Otis has multiple parks for children and adults to enjoy. These parks range from the basketball courts at JP Riley and JR Wilson Parks to the baseball diamonds and playground at Paul Bianchi Park. The Lyell Avenue library is welcoming for the entire community and an especially inviting place for local youth and children. The community takes pride in Lyell Avenue Library which regularly centers its services to engage adults by sharing information pertinent to residents.

Today, Lyell Otis is a melting pot of ethnicities and is a diverse neighborhood in Rochester. Lyell Otis is a neighborhood where individuals look toward the future. Most residents here do their own yard work and repair their own homes. Neighborhood kids can be heard enjoying themselves outside and residents walking their pets regularly.

The future for Lyell Otis will concentrate efforts on initiatives to revamp and revitalize the community with beautification and awareness to the issues that plague us. LOCA’s presence will solidify the commitment for change in the Lyell Otis region.