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BuildingBlocks: Advanced property information data

In our work to ensure data is transparent and accessible to all, the City provides this interactive tool (“BuildingBlocks”) to search and view detailed data about properties located within the city limits, including code enforcement, ownership, and other information.  

BuildingBlocks works best on Chrome or Firefox. It will NOT work on Internet Explorer.

Map not working on your device? Click the button below to open it in a new browser window.


Available datasets

Dataset Name 

Data Fields 

Tax Parcels (properties) 

  1. Address 
  2. Tax Parcel Dimensions 
  3. Structure Details (Square Footage, Floors, Year Built) 
  4. Number of Residential Units 
  5. Owner (name, address) 
  6. Owner Occupied Flag 
  7. Assessed Value 
  8. Property Type (use code) 
  9. Most Recent sale (date, price, type of sale) 
  10. Tax Foreclosure Status 
  11. Bank Foreclosure Status 
  12. Water Bill Payment History 

Code Enforcement 

  1. Open Code Enforcement Case (date opened, case type) 
  2. Individual Open Code Violations (violation type, Health and Safety flag, date cited, unit #) 
  3. Code Enforcement Fines and Charges 
  4. Vacant Structure (vacant date) 
  5. Certificate of Occupancy (expiration date) 
  6. Open Nuisance Points 


  1. Building Permits (type, issued date) 
  2. Business Permits (type, issued date) 

Renter Tools – Code Compliance Score

  1. Property Code Compliance Score 
  2. Owner (Units Owned, Properties Owned) 
  3. Owner Portfolio Code Compliance Score 
  4. Manager (Units Managed, Properties Managed) 
  5. Manager Portfolio Code Compliance Score 

Click here to view detailed information on available Data Sets 

Instructions and guidance

View a city-led training video on BuildingBlocks  Building Blocks screenshot

Additional Information:

Training Videos on how to use the Software

Training Guide