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Zoning Variances

What is a Zoning Variance?

A Zoning Variance is an authorization granted under law by the Zoning Board of Appeals, waiving a requirement of the zoning code. Essentially, a Variance acts as an 'exception' to the zoning regulations, which can only be granted when specific standards or criteria are met. There are 2 types of Variance Applications: Use Variances and Area Variances.

  • Use Variance: A Use Variance is a waiver of the limitations regarding the use of land or a structure to permit a use that is prohibited by the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Area Variance: An Area Variance allows the waiving of codes pertaining, but not limited to physical requirements such as a dimension or setback; yard, space, and bulk requirements; expansion, structural alterations, or enlargement of a nonconforming use; Specified Use Requirements; Requirements applying to all districts; or city-wide design standards.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Variances

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