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Office of Neighborhood Safety

The mission of the Office of Neighborhood Safety is to establish and implement a community-based intervention and prevention strategy to combat and eliminate violence in the City of Rochester. It aims to foster a city-wide approach to reducing violence by serving as a central hub to coordinate the development of a community-wide Violence Reduction Strategy that will guide public and private sector investments in social programs including those administered Pathways to Peace; the ROC Against Gun Violence Coalition; and the Youth Advocate Program. 

The Office is responsible for the Community-Wide Neighborhood Safety Plan and oversight of the Mayor’s Peacemaker Fellowship, which identifies those city residents with a high likelihood of becoming victims of gun violence and enroll them as Fellows in a rigorous personal development program that includes mentorships, peer-to-peer learning to achieve education, career and other life goals. 

The Peacemaker Fellowship is based on a program in Richmond, California that contributed to significant reductions in homicides and gun violence.

For more information or questions, contact Terrell Cunningham, Coordinator of Neighborhood Safety: