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Pathways to Peace

Violence Stops Here. Change Your Life. Help is Here.

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The City of Rochester’s Pathways to Peace will host its second annual series of Popup Peace Barbeques from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17 at the corner of Jay and Child Streets. The street-level outreach team will fire up the grill in different city neighborhoods to build positive relationships with those living there to strengthen communities and reduce youth violence.   

The Peace Barbeques will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the following days and locations: 

  • Wed., July 24, at Manhattan Square Park, 353 Court St.  
  • Wed., July 31, at the corner of Grand Avenue and Chamberlain Street  
  • Wed., Aug. 7, at the corner of Joseph Avenue and Upper Falls Blvd  
  • Thurs., Aug. 15, at the corner of Flint Street and Jefferson Avenue  
  • Fri., Aug. 30, at Ontario Beach Park, 50 Beach Ave. near the Dentzel Carousel  

How can Pathways to Peace help?

If you have a friend or family member who is in trouble with violence, drugs, or gangs, or know about a dispute that is ongoing or about to happen, call, text, or use the links above to get in touch with Pathways to Peace. They can respond swiftly and understand the youth's needs, concerns, and crises. They can help young people gain a positive sense of belonging and access to the surrounding resources that nurture positive growth.

Pathways to Peace is a street-level team that provides support and nonviolent alternatives for youth who are resorting to violence to settle disputes or become involved in gangs and drugs. The members of the City's Pathways to Peace team are available to help safeguard the lives of these young people, trained to diffuse potentially violent situations, and help them get on a track to a better life.

Pathways to Peace staff operate directly in city neighborhoods to make a personal, visible connection with youth. They can offer prevention services for disputes that might arise, intervention services for current and ongoing disputes, and stay in touch with, and monitor youth who are currently interacting with a Pathways team member. Pathways responds to crime scenes and attend events where city young people are in attendance. Pathways staff are trained in assessing a child's specific needs and connecting them with appropriate resources. They also have training in gang awareness, mediation, therapeutic dispute and conflict resolution, childhood mental health, and more.

Pathways to Peace works to reduce youth violence by employing collaboration, resourcefulness, dedication, and vigilance. Pathways to Peace can fill a pivotal role in helping individuals, families and others work together to prevent young lives from “falling through the cracks” of our community.

How does Pathways to Peace work?

Pathways to Peace helps youth and families by collaborating with community resources including schools, employers, health professionals, law enforcement agencies, and other service providers. Pathways staff strive to establish relationships and build a genuine rapport with at-risk youth so that they can tailor a customized network of resources that matches their needs. Pathways also provides presentations designed to prevent violence from being considered as a current or future option for youth in all age groups and interested community organizations. Pathways to Peace provides outreach to youth in all neighborhoods of the city.

Connecting a youth with Pathways

Anyone can refer a youth to speak with a Pathways to Peace staff member, law enforcement, hospitals, neighbors, family or friends, community agencies, or even the youth themselves. Call, text, DM, or drop in using the contact information at the top of this page.