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Office of City Planning

About the Office of City Planning

The Office of City Planning plays a variety of roles within City Hall and the community related to policy development and placemaking. At times we are leading these efforts while in others we are providing assistance to other internal and external groups leading an effort. 

We serve our community and City government as facilitators, consensus builders, and process brokers. Our team brings a perspective rooted in holistic planning, multi-disciplinary collaboration, sustainability, equity, urbanism, and data-based decision making. 


Office of City Planning

Rochester 2034

Rochester 2034 is the 15-year comprehensive plan to improve our community leading up to our 200th birthday. Overall, the Plan presents a blueprint for growth and development, with three main themes carried throughout - positioning Rochester for growth, placemaking, and social and economic equity. 

This plan sets the framework for all current and future community initiatives. Rochester 2034 was officially adopted by City Council in November 2019.

Graphic for Rochester 2034 Plan.

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