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Be the Change. Keep the Change.

The City of Rochester Launches Pilot Program to Address Panhandling

Like cities across America, Rochester has seen an increase in consistent and aggressive panhandling. These behaviors negatively impact people who work, live and visit downtown, as well as businesses that want to attract customers to their brick-and-mortar stores.

The City of Rochester is committed to exploring innovative solutions to this challenge, and “Be The Change. Keep The Change.” is one of them.

This pilot program is designed to discourage coordinated and aggressive panhandling while connecting those on the streets to resources for food, shelter, and health care. 

The program encourages people to keep their change – and donate instead to outreach teams that provide direct services to those on our streets. Numerous outreach teams already operate on the streets of Rochester, and work closely with City and County resources. 

These organizations work daily to establish relationships and build trust, and support people through the process of obtaining the services they need.

Help strengthen Rochester and help people in need by giving to formalized street outreach teams at any one of the many partners working with the City of Rochester:

Does your organization do formalized street outreach in Rochester? We would like to add you to our list! Contact us with your information.