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RPD: Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is Commanded by Commander Michael DeSain.

The Patrol Division is operates under the Operations Bureau.

The Patrol Division is responsible for providing general police services, including the centralized coordination of vehicle, foot and bicycle patrols and special events. The Patrol Division also has primary responsibility for conducting follow-up investigations of all offenses occurring within the Sections, excluding homicides, bank robberies, Special Victims Investigations, certain economic crimes or any offenses in which a coordinated effort or extensive investigation is necessary.

The Patrol Division consists of the following components:
Patrol Sections: The City of Rochester is divided into the following five geographical Patrol Sections: 

Patrol Sections are commanded by a Rochester Police Captain and each Section is divided into patrol beats and platoons led by led by patrol Lieutenants and Sergeants.  

The Special Events Section is responsible for coordinating events with the City of Rochester’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, including the coordination and planning of all police activities at special events occurring within the City of Rochester. This includes assessing logistical requirements and contingency plans, traffic and crowd control plans, identifying potential problems associated with individual events and coordination of all inter-departmental and special operations personnel.