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RPD: Police Academy

The Rochester Police Department (RPD) Police Academy is a local academy conducted at the Monroe County Public Safety Training Facility, 1190 Scottsville Road. Students generally attend the police academy Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

The police academy is the foundation to basic police knowledge and skills. In the police academy, recruits form a bond with one other, which is the foundation of the RPD-Team concept. 

Recruits are instructed in many different areas over a six month period and must complete proficiency exams in areas trained. Some of the areas covered during police academy recruit training are defensive tactics, physical fitness, firearms and academic training. 

Other areas of instruction include emergency vehicle operations, traffic and felony vehicle stops, building searches, domestic disputes and resolution, report writing, investigations, street stops, judgmental shooting, hostage negotiations, NYS Penal Law and Departmental Rules and Regulations.

After successfully completing the police academy, recruits will enter the Field Training Program