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Do The Right Thing Awards

About the Do The Right Thing Award Program

The Do The Right Thing Award program has been part of the Rochester Police Department (RPD) since 1995. The goal of Do The Right Thing is to foster positive relationships between local law enforcement and youth in the community. The Do The Right Thing Award program recognizes youth for their bravery, courage and valor, such as volunteering, aiding law enforcement or other first responders, acts of heroism, leadership and positive role model behavior. 

The award distinguishes school-aged children who strive to make good choices, do well in school, give back to their community, or demonstrate a “turn-around” or improvement in their behavior, and to publicly highlight these students and their stories in the news and social media to show that good kids are newsworthy.

Who is eligible?

Any student enrolled in grades kindergarten-12 in any Monroe County school is eligible for nomination. The good deed the student is nominated for must have occurred in Monroe County within one year of the nomination.

How is a child nominated?

  • Anyone over 18 years-of-age can submit a nomination form (this includes family, friends, school staff, coaches, first responders, etc.).
  • Nomination forms can be completed and submitted electronically

What happens after a nomination is submitted?

An awards committee comprised of Executive Board Members, representatives of program sponsors, and other volunteers reviews submitted nominations and collectively selects students to receive either the Do The Right Thing Award or a letter of recognition. 

Do The Right Thing FAQ

  • The Do The Right Thing Program was created in 1990 by the Miami Police Department and its community partners as a way to acknowledge students contributions to their communities. It’s now a national program called” Do the Right Thing, Incorporated” and is headquartered in Miami Florida. 
  • The success of the Miami program attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies around the United States and abroad who expressed interest in starting their own chapters. Since 1993, Do The Right Thing, Inc. has grown to include over 60 chapters in the United States, England, and Germany. 
  • The Rochester Police Department (RPD) applied to become a chapter of Do The Right Thing in 1996. Do The Right Thing incorporated in 2000 and was granted 501( c )3 non-profit status in 2003.
  • Do The Right Thing of Rochester, Inc., recognizes youth for helping law enforcement and other first responders, acts of heroism, displaying leadership, role model behavior, and volunteering in their community. The award distinguishes students who strive to make good choices, do well in school, give back to their communities, or demonstrate a “turn-around” or improved behavior. 

  • Any student enrolled in school in K - 12th grades within Monroe County is eligible, including children who are homeschooled. 
  • The incident the student is nominated for must have occurred in Monroe County, and within one year of the nomination. 

  • Anyone over 18 years-of-age can nominate a student. This includes first responders, family members, neighbors, coaches, and school communities.
  • There are two different versions of the application available on the City website: a version that can be completed and submitted electronically which is emailed directly to our staff, and a version you can print, write out by hand, and mail  to us (contact information is at the end of this page). 

  • Submitted nominations are made available to a Selection Committee comprised of members of the community, law enforcement, and sponsor representatives. They individually select who should receive the award based on the nomination, and a tally of their votes determine the recipients. Students are not recognized as winners of the award until they are acknowledged at the public ceremony.


  • Once selected by our Selection Committee to receive the award, the students are invited to participate in a public ceremony at the City Public Safety Building to recognize their achievement.  This is where they actually “win” their award. The ceremony is a public celebration and invitations are sent to the student’s family, school, and community support. Each winner receives a prize package consisting of items generously donated by our sponsors.

  • Award winners are eligible to apply for our scholarship when they become high school seniors.  This provides funds directly to their college, university, or trade school.
  • In addition to a prize package received at the ceremony, Seabreeze Amusement Park invites our winners and their families to enjoy the park for a day at the end of the school year, and Camp Good Days invites our winners to attend a Leadership Camp on Keuka Lake in the summer.

  • The staff, the office space, and their equipment is funded by the City of Rochester, grants and donations. All donations made by sponsors are used in direct support of the award program and scholarship fund. 

  • We are always in search of quality nominations. While ceremonies only take place during the school year, we accept nominations all year long (students nominated near the end of a school year or during the summer months are honored the following school year). 
  • We average 30 student winners per school year. Donations are helpful and appreciated. If you would like to sponsor the program or make a direct donation, please contact us by phone at (585) 428-7863, or email:
  • Please help us spread the word by following our accounts on Facebook (@DTRTROC) and Instagram (@DTRT_Rochester), and share our posts with your friends. 
  • If you are interested in volunteering to provide entertainment at a ceremony, please contact us.