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Highland Park

450 Highland Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
United States

Highland Park

Highland Park rests in a beautiful setting of hills and valleys created from glacial deposits. Expertly designed by Frederick Law Olmsted to seem like a natural occurrence of trees, shrubs and flowers, Highland Park is actually a completely planned--and planted--arboretum or "tree garden."

Highland Park has a history as colorful as its 500 varieties of flowering shrubs. In addition to over 1200 lilac shrubs, the park boasts a Japanese Maple collection, 35 varieties of sweet-smelling magnolias, a barberry collection, a rock garden with dwarf evergreens, 700 varieties of rhododendron, azaleas, mountain laurel and andromeda, horse chestnuts, spring bulbs and wildflowers and a large number of exotic trees. The park's pansy bed features 10,000 plants, designed into an oval floral "carpet" with a new pattern each year. 

At the park, visitors also find the Lamberton Conservatory, historic Warner Castle, John Dunbar Memorial Pavilion (Highland Park Bowl) and the Arches Pavilion.

Park Facilities, Attractions, and Amenities
  • Hiking Paths, Benches, Picnic Areas
  • The Lamberton Conservatory, the recent recipient of a historical restoration award, houses exhibits that change up to five times a year and feature seasonal floral displays that might not otherwise survive Rochester's temperate climate.
  • Greater Rochester Vietnam Memorial commemorates the service, valor, and sacrifice of more than 28,000 Vietnam Veterans from our county region as well as the 280 men who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Warner Castle, a historic castle in the heart of the park that has become a favorite spot for wedding photos, boasts the Sunken Gardens, a Shady Border, Rock Garden, Courtyard Garden, Iris and Daylily Bed, Old-Fashioned Rose Bed, Miniature Rose Bed, Fern Bed and a 13th Century Herb Garden.
  • John Dunbar Memorial Pavilion (Highland Bowl) includes an outdoor amphitheater that is used for summertime concerts and film series. The pavilion is also available for rent by organizations and individuals.

For more information, visit Monroe County.