Firefighter Job


At this time the City of Rochester is not accepting applications for the position of Firefighter. For current information on Exam Announcements and Job Openings please continue to visit the website.

Important Update for 2019 Examination Candidates: Please review the following link for information on next steps.      





Description of Duties


Firefighters perform extremely technical work in emergency, life-or-death situations. A variety of tasks may be performed under hazardous conditions including the delivery of emergency medical services, rescues, extractions and the prevention of loss of life and/or property due to a fire.  Firefighters also have the opportunity to work in other areas such as fire prevention, public education, training, special operations, administration, fire investigations, community outreach and information technology.

Firefighter Benefits

  • 13 Paid holidays.
  • Paid vacation
  • Life insurance
  • NYS Pension
  • Uniforms provided
  • Dental and medical coverage
  • Non-traditional work schedule
  • Education Incentive


  • City residency is required by the application deadline (See FAQs)
    • Refer to "Requirements" section        
  • High school diploma/GED
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Drug Free
  • 18 years of age at time of appointment
  • Valid NYS driver's license

Civil Service Examination

In order to sit for the Civil Service Examination you must submit a properly completed City of Rochester Job Application that is available during the hiring period.  This Examination may be held every 2-4 years; the most recent examination was November 2, 2019.  Please check our website and Human Resources at,, periodically for Civil Service Examination updates.

Additionally, there are exam preparation books available at book stores and local libraries that may be beneficial to review.

The Physical Agility Test

The Physical Agility Test is conducted after applicants have completed and successfully passed the written civil service exam. Passing the physical agility test is a requirement for hire; therefore, it is imperative that you train well for this test in advance.  Applicants who do not meet the standards for the physical agility test cannot continue in the hiring process. The Department of Human Resources does not offer "re-tests" or "do-overs".

The Rochester Fire Department uses the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER test) as an entry level physical agility exam. This test ensures that all candidates possess the base level of physical fitness needed for entry-level firefighting training. Please click the following link to learn more about the physical agility requirements.  

If you need any additional information or help contact the recruitment line, (585) 428-3690.

Background Investigation

As part of the application process you will be required to submit to a full background investigation to determine your suitability. The background investigation consists of variety of different checks including, but not limited to; criminal history, criminal involvement, driving history, illegal drug involvement, employment history, educational history, residence history, and military experience.

 Medical Examination

Candidates must pass a medical examination in accordance with the standards set forth in the most recent edition of the NFPA 1582: Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments. Adherence to the standards set forth in the most recent edition of the above will be required throughout employment as a uniformed member of the Rochester Fire Department.

 Hiring Process

The duration of the hiring process in its entirety varies. On average it may take six (6) to eight (8) weeks to receive written civil service examination results. Please refer to our the following link regarding our process: RFD Hiring Process.

ROC with RFD

The ROC with RFD Boot Camp offered firefighter candidates the opportunity to participate in a fitness session and job orientated stations designed for firefighter recruits. Click here to view images and obtain more information regarding our past ROC with RFD event.

Applicant Assistance Workshop

We do not currently have any Application Assistant Workshops scheduled but you are welcome to review what was discussed by reviewing the following link: Click Here