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Fall Leaf Collection

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Each fall, the city is blanketed with leaves from approximately 70,000 public trees located along City streets and in City parks and cemeteries.

Rochester’s Department of Environmental Services works together with residents to collect these leaves and keep our streets clear. Residents are encouraged to compost leaves in their backyards. For information on backyard leaf composting, call the Monroe County Cooperative Extension at (585) 473-5335.

Loose leaves are picked up in November of each year, composted, screened and made available to the public through the Materials Give Back Program.

The City offers two methods of leaf collection: 

  1. Loose-leaf collection program: The City provides free loose-leaf collection each November. Each year’s schedule for loose leaf collection is included in the City’s annual At Your Service Guide that is mailed to residents each year and published on an interactive loose-leaf collection map. Leaves be raked into loose piles between the sidewalk and the curb before the Monday of each scheduled leaf pickup week will be picked up on any day of that week. Please note that it is unsafe and therefore illegal to place leaves directly onto streets or sidewalks.
  2. Refuse collection: Residential and commercial refuse customers may always place bagged leaves at the curb for pickup on their regular refuse collection day.

During the loose leaf collection process, crews tackle the leaves in stages. First, they’re blown, raked or pushed onto the street. Next, multiple vehicles will load and haul the leaves away. Then a street sweeper will come and clean leftover debris. Sometimes, parked cars will inhibit the ability to reach leaf piles or neighbors may rake their leaves out to the curb after their area has been serviced. Residents can call 311 to report the address that needs leaf pickup and the City will do its best to service these situations after the city collection cycle has been completed. 

For further information, call 311 (outside City limits, call (585) 428-5990)

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For further information, call 311 (outside City limits, call (585) 428-5990)