2023 Residential Curb Ramp Replacement Project

 2023 Residential Curb Ramps Project (Beechwood Neighborhood)

General Project Description

The purpose of this project is to build on the City’s goal to provide accessibility to all users of city streets by installing sidewalk access ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Public Right of Way Access Guidelines (PROWAG). Approximately 140 curbed access ramps (a.k.a. curb ramps) will be installed at residential street corners and T-intersections where they currently do not exist in the targeted area for 2023, the Beechwood Neighborhood. The work is consistent with the goals set forth in the City’s Complete Streets Policy that was adopted in 2011 and the Comprehensive Access and Mobility Plan (CAMP), a component of the Rochester 2034: Comprehensive Plan.

The project will include, but is not limited to, new curb ramp installations and the installation of new catch basins and/or the adjustment or replacement of catch basin frames, grates, and other utility appurtenances within the work area.

The project will also include the installation of high curb, concrete sidewalk and grass on the west side of McKinster St near the Bay St intersection, adjacent to the auto parts store parking lot. Lastly, a new catch basin will be installed at the South Ave intersection with Alexander St.

In addition to the proposed street improvements noted above, the Water Bureau will be cleaning and cement mortar lining water mains and replacing lead containing water services throughout the Beechwood Neighborhood.

Upon completion of the work described above, the streets will be restored with a chip seal treatment scheduled for 2024.


Project Map

 Curb_Ramps_2023 Map 
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Project Team


  • Project Management: City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services
  • Project Design: City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services/Street Design Division
  • Traffic Engineering Liaison: Monroe County Department of Transportation


Project Timeline

Preliminary Design 2022
Final Design 2022
Construction 2023



Questions should be directed to the City's Street Design Project Manager, Lisa Reyes (lisa.reyes@cityofrochester.gov or 428-6354).