Waring Road Improvements

About the Project

 Waring Road is located at the northern limit of the City of Rochester’s Southeast Quadrant near the Irondequoit border.  The street reconstruction project extends the entire length of Waring Road from the Culver Road/Woodman Park intersection on the southern end to the Norton Street intersection on the northern end.  The initiation of the Waring Road reconstruction project began in late 2011 with design phases that extended through early summer of 2014 and ended with the completion of 90% design plans when federal construction funds were reallocated leaving no choice but to shelve the project until funding became available again.  In 2019, the City of Rochester received notification from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) that New York State funds were appropriated for the reevaluation and completion of the right of way acquisitions, design and construction phases.  Clark Patterson Lee (CPL), the original design firm, was brought back on board to complete the project.   


General Project Description

The Project includes pavement reconstruction, pavement width changes, realignment of intersecting streets, new curb, bump outs at Northland Avenue and Culver Road, curb ramps, sidewalks, driveway aprons, new water main, water services, hydrants, catch basins, manhole adjustments/replacements, stormwater bioretention features, traffic signal upgrades, telecommunication conduit, pavement markings, designated bicycle lanes, signage and tree plantings.


Project Team

Project Management: City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services
Project Design: CPL
Project Administration: New York State Department of Transportation
Traffic Engineering Liaison: Monroe County Department of Transportation


Design Documents


Public Outreach Documents


Preliminary Design           2012
Final Design 2020
Construction 2021 - 2022



Questions should be emailed to the City's project manager, Ms. Lisa Reyes, at (585) 428-6354, or email her.