Flower City AmeriCorps Programs


Flower City AmeriCorps: Serve. Learn. Grow

Flower City AmeriCorps programs offers a year-long apprenticeship in the field of human services and public health. Our programs are designed to inspire and prepare the next wave of human service and public health professionals. Over the course of the year members will be provided with the skills, information, and experiences they need for career success.

Members of Flower City AmeriCorps begin their one-year service commitment with a comprehensive program orientation exploring current community needs and resources, leadership development, and community collaboration. After orientation members will embark on a hands-on apprenticeship at a local nonprofit or government agency where they will receive mentorship and training in one of the specialized service areas: community building, economic opportunity, health and wellness, or positive youth development. Throughout the service year members will receive ongoing professional development in the areas of teamwork, project and strategic planning, implementation and goal setting.

    AmeriCorps Members will:

    • Commit to a year of learning, serving and growing while they gain hands-on experience in one of five specialty service areas:
      • Community Building
      • Economic Opportunity
      • Health and Wellness
      • Positive Youth Development
      • Healthy Futures
    Participate in ongoing professional development, networking, and service learning opportunities as part of a team of 55 AmeriCorps members.
    • Bi-weekly living allowance
    • Segal Education Award (scholarship equivalent to the Pell Grant), upon successful completion of the program
    • Receive tools and support to find balance between their work and personal lives
    • Partake in various activities, conversations and experiences that will help them to identify the unique skills and understandings that they bring to the exciting and ever changing field of human service
    • Also partake in: 
      • Member Orientation (1 week) 
      • NYS AmeriCorps Kick-Off 
      • MLK Day of Service 
      • I Love My Parks Day of Service 
      • 9-11 Day of Service  
      • Monthly Member Development Days 
      • Annual End of the Year Celebration  

    Member Benefits

    Members in the program will receive:

    • Bi-weekly living allowance . Stipends are taxed
    • Segal Education Award, upon successful completion of the program  
    • Child care subsidy for fulltime members if needed
    • Health  insurance for fulltime members if needed 
    • Computer/Microsoft literacy training
    • One-on-one mentorship by a leader in Rochester’s human service field
    • Support from a professional life coach
    • Transportation support, if needed

    Applicants’ minimum requirements:

    • Be interested in pursuing a career in the field of human service
    • US Citizen or US National or Lawful Permanent Resident
    • Be able to work on a team
    • Consider yourself a life-long learner
    • NYS ID (Government ID)
    • Be at least 17 years old and out of high school
    • Have a high school or equivalency diploma, or agree to obtaining one by the end of the program term
    • Be able and willing to get to and from various job site
    • Pass a criminal background check and drug test

        Apply to Flower City AmeriCorps today! 

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        Flower City AmeriCorps is open to U.S. citizens, nationals, or lawful permanent resident aliens age 17 and older.

        For more information about Flower City AmeriCorps, please contact 585-428-7358 or Walida.Monroe@CityofRochester.Gov 

        For more information about National Service and other opportunities with AmeriCorps visit:

         www.nationalservice.gov  or newyorkersvolunteer.ny.gov

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