Roc City Skate Park

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ROC City Skate Park


Rochester is strategically and deliberately positioning itself to become a more active, playable city. Across the community new, unique and innovative play areas, playful sidewalks, and interactive murals are being introduced into the fabric of neighborhoods. Now we have a unique opportunity to add to this mosaic of play by building a state-of-the-art downtown skatepark right on the Genesee River waterfront!



  • Of the 125 largest cities in the country, Rochester is the only one without a public skate park, and the demand for such a space from the community is huge. 
  • The number of Americans who ride bicycles is greater than all those who ski, golf, and play tennis combined. 
  • BMX makes up about 30% of the bicycling market. 
  • 60 minutes of skateboarding or BMX riding burns more calories than running at a 12-minute mile pace, or playing basketball, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, or baseball.
  • The International Olympic Committee has added Skateboarding to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  • There are over 11 million skateboarders in the world contributing to a $4.8 billion market.



A 26,000 sq. ft. one-of-a-kind wheel-friendly skatepark underneath the iconic Frederick Douglass - Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge. 

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A public meeting was held in October 2018

Second Public Meeting was held in May 2019.
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Ellen Micoli Soffa, RLA, Project Manager, City of Rochester, Department of Environmental Services.

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