Surplus Property Auctions



 JUNE ON-SITE AUCTION : This Auction requires pre-approval. Showing Dates and Auction Dates will only be provided once you are approved as a bidder. (See Qualifications, instructions, and applications below)


At this on-site auction of two properties, all potential bidders must be pre-registered and show proof of personal funds in the amount of $10,000 per structure, up to a maximum of 2 structures. If you intend to bid on two structures, you must provide proof of a minimum of $20,000 personal funds on hand. You must be pre-registered in order to bid. Please print the pre-registration form (link below). Potential bidders MUST SUBMIT THEIR REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS BY FRIDAY, APRIL 26th BEFORE 4:00 PM TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS AUCTION.- NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. *The Application must be Notarized prior to submission. 

 Properties will be sold to the highest bidder through an open, competitive bidding process. The two properties are residential, one and two family dwellings. There is residency requirement on one of the two properties available. Successful bidders must rehabilitate the structures within 12 months of City Council approval. Proposals will be required for structures (See link below).  Please review the terms and conditions (link below) prior to submitting your documentation. DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 4:00 PM, FRIDAY APRIL 26th TO THE REAL ESTATE DIVISION . NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AND YOU CANNOT BID AT THE AUCTION IF YOU ARE NOT APPROVED.    




Note: The Rochester Land Bank is holding on-site auctions for developers and land owners in late May. That is separate from the City Auction, and requires a separate application. The Land Bank auction information and application can be found here.   **If you participate in the Land Bank Auction and the City Auction, the 2 property limit applies across both auctions, so if you buy two land bank properties, you will not be qualified for the City Auction properties. 

ANNUAL SURPLUS AUCTION  (Likely in mid to late October with property lists available in mid July)


The Real Estate Division hold a Surplus Auction in the fall (dates to be determined). To participate in this auction, you must pre-qualify, and show financials with $10,000 per structure you wish to bid on up to 3 Structures under your control at one time. (If you are currently holding other city auction properties that you have not yet gotten certificate of occupancies on, your allowable bids will be reduced by that number of properties). When this auction date gets closer, we will make the pre-registration form available and provide updates with a property list, showing times, and auction dates. Currently the surplus auction is likely to happen in late October. Return to this page periodically for updates. 




Please click the link above for information on the annual Treasury/Tax Foreclosure Auctions