Surplus Property Auctions


The Real Estate Division is holding a Surplus Property Auction (Lots with Existing Structures) on Wednesday, October 23rd at 9AM (you must be an approved bidder to attend). To participate in this auction, you must pre-qualify (by August 16th at 4PM), and show financials with $10,000 available assets per structure you wish to bid on. You may purchase up to 3 Structures, but if you are currently holding other city auction/RFP properties that you have not yet gotten certificate of occupancies on, your allowable purchases at auction will be reduced by that number of properties. The pre-registration form to become an approved bidder is linked below, and is also available at City Hall.  


PRE-REGISTRATION: The Registration to participate is due August 16th at 4PM.  REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSEDYou are not automatically approved. We will review your application, and mail you a notice of approval or rejection on August 30th. (*If you submit an incomplete application and do not show sufficient funds ($10,000 per property, up to 3 properties), you will not be prompted for additional information, your application will be rejected, so be sure to complete this form as completely as possible.)
SHOWINGS: The list for auction will be finalized by August 30th. The list of addresses and showing dates will be sent to approved bidders only. 
LOCATION: The Auction location will be provided only to approved bidders. Space is limited and only approved bidders and their guests are welcome to attend
REVERTER DEEDS- All properties sold at Auction will need some level of rehabilitation. Once the purchase is approved through City Council, and you receive a deed and care/custody/control of the property, you will have 1 year to renovate and obtain a certificate of occupancy or the city will exercise its right through the reverter deed to regain ownership of the property. 



Please click the link above for information on the annual Treasury/Tax Foreclosure Auctions