RFQ - Bull's Head Redevelopment


The City of Rochester is prepared to enter into exclusive negotiations with a qualified developer for a major multi-faceted redevelopment opportunity in a key historic gateway neighborhood known locally as Bull’s Head.

With over $10 million in public investment for predevelopment and planning activities, the City is making available for redevelopment, an area totaling over 12 acres in the heart of the Bull’s Head community.  In response to this ongoing public investment and with a majority of these activities completed, the City now seeks to partner with a qualified developer to advance the long awaited revitalization of this important community hub.

The community’s highly anticipated revitalization of Bull’s Head is a high priority for the City. Development opportunities at Bull’s Head are guided by over a decade of community planning.  Through its partnership with a selected qualified developer, the City intends to advance new development that will:

  • Present the highest and best use for the sites as well as the surrounding area;  
  • Return the sites to the tax roll and increase the City’s tax base; 
  • Support and be consistent with the objectives, strategies, goals, and recommendations set forth in: 
    • Rochester 2034, the City of Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan 
    • The Bull’s Head Urban Renewal Plan  
    • The Bull’s Head BOA Revitalization Plan
  • Present high quality design that complements the surrounding rich historic and architecturally prominent context;    
  • Visually enhance the adjacent streetscapes;  
  • Provide uses that relate to and activate the commercial corridors; 
  • Create permanent job opportunities for city residents; and, 
  • Encourage development in one of the City’s Opportunity Zones.  

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RFQ Exhibits 

     A. Bull’s Head Location Map

     B. Bull’s Head Urban Renewal Plan

     C. Bull’s Head Brownfield Opportunity Area Revitalization Plan

     D. Bull’s Head Redevelopment Concept Plan (revised on 9/3 to include graphic bar scale)

     E. Traffic Impact Study Report

     F. Demographic, Economic and Market Trends Analysis

     G. Citywide Housing Market Study

     H. Commercial Corridor Study 

     I. Existing Conditions Survey Map

     J. Existing Environmental and Subsurface Conditions Reports 

     K. Eligibility Requirements

Developer Informational Session Zoom webinar:

On August 13, 2020, the City held a Developer Informational Session Zoom webinar to present key elements of the RFQ and to answer participants' questions. The question and answer segment of the informational session is approximately 27 minutes into the webinar recording. The recorded webinar may be viewed here: Bull's Head RFQ Informational Webinar