Our electricity supply program is renewing in September 2023 

RCP logo FINALThe City of Rochester has authorized Rochester Community Power (RCP), a local Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program that leverages the collective purchasing power of city residents to negotiate better terms for electricity supply and purchase renewable electricity for residents and small businesses. The City has selected Joule Community Power, a division of Joule Assets Inc., as the City's CCA Program Administrator who will be responsible for the implementation of the Rochester Community Power program. 

After a successful two-year contract from September 2021- August 2023, residents saved money and helped to lessen Rochester’s carbon footprint. Participants will, again, be able to power their homes and businesses with renewable electricity through the Rochester Community Power program. The fixed price, stable for 27-months, will be $0.09136/kWh for residents and for small commercial customers for 50% NYS renewable electricity.

The added gross receipts tax (GRT) results in a total price of $0.09419/kWh for residential customers and small commercial customers. GRT is authorized by New York State law and applies to utility services provided to all customers in the City of Rochester regardless of energy provider.

The City of Rochester has chosen the 50% New York State Renewable option as the default. This means 50% of your electricity supply is matched by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provided by New York State renewable power plants (hydropower, wind, solar). The remaining 50% is matched by RECs sourced from other U.S. renewable electricity sources. Eligible residents and small businesses will be automatically enrolled in the 50% New York State Renewable option unless they choose to opt out of the program. 

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. will be your new supplier, beginning on your first meter-read after September 1st, 2023. The new rate will remain fixed for a 27-month period through November 2025. 

 The other supply options are a 100% NY State Renewable Option, meaning 100% of your electricity supply is matched by Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provided by New York State renewable power plants (hydropower, wind, solar); and a Standard Option, mixture of fossil fuels, nuclear, and some renewable energy. 

Summary of Rochester Community Power Options and Rates:
Effective September 1, 2023

Customer Type: Residential
Default option:
• 50% NYS Renewable Fixed Rate: $0.09136/kWh
Additional options:
• 100% NYS Renewable Fixed Rate: $0.10053/kWh
• Standard Fixed Rate: $0.07485/kWh

Customer Type: Small Commercial
Default option:
• 50% NYS Renewable Fixed Rate: $0.09136/kWh
Additional options:
• 100% NYS Renewable Fixed Rate: $0.10053/kWh
• Standard Fixed Rate: $0.07700/kWh

In July eligible customers will receive a letter from their municipality that includes information on the program, how to opt out or switch to other options, and about information events where residents can learn more. Those who opt out will receive basic electricity supply service from RG&E at the variable utility rate. Regardless of program participation, RG&E remains responsible for delivery, repair services, and billing.

Residents and small businesses may opt-out, switch options or rejoin the program at any time by calling (585) 244-0244 or through the Enrollment Change Form online at

The following info sessions were held around the city and via Zoom. If you were unable to attend, you can view a recording of the presentation here 
  • June 28 at 5:30pm at City Council Chambers (City Hall, 30 Church Street, Rochester, NY 14614)

  • July 19th at 5 p.m. at Lyell Library, 956 Lyell Ave., Rochester, NY 14606.

  • July 20th at 5:30 p.m. at Arnett Library, 310 Arnett Blvd., Rochester, NY 14619.

  • July 25th at 5:30 p.m. at Winton Library, 611 N. Winton Rd., Rochester, NY 14609. 

  • July 27th at 5:30 p.m. virtual meeting in Spanish 

  • August 2nd at 5 p.m. at Sully Library 530 Webster Ave. Rochester, NY 14609. 

For event details, see 


If you have questions or need more detailed information about Rochester Community Power, visit, call  (585) 244-0244, or email at

For more general information about CCA, CCA factsheets and FAQs, visit the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority's CCA page here.


Important note:

City of Rochester residents are reporting receipt of energy supply promotional materials from door-to-door salespeople saying they are associated with our CCA program or claiming there have been issues with the City’s CCA program (Rochester Community Power). There are no issues with our program. You should not share your bill or account info with anyone knocking on your door. The Rochester Community Power Program for the City of Rochester never cold calls or sells door-to-door but will happily answer and return your calls. They only send you mail on City letterhead and with municipal approval.

The Rochester Community Power program for City of Rochester residents has been carefully vetted to offer strong consumer protections for 50% New York State Renewable electricity at a fixed rate of $0.09136/kWh through November 2025. If you have questions about whether a provider you are considering is part of the Rochester Community Power program, please feel free to contact the helpline at 585-244-0244.           

Benefits of CCA

CCA is an energy procurement program that shifts the control of selecting the default electricity supplier from the utility/State to the local municipality. As a result, the City can choose an electricity supplier offering competitive electricity rates with reduced price volatility through fixed rates and longer-term contracts, and purchase electricity from renewable sources. This creates market pressure to increase the supply of clean energy and reduce the demand for carbon-producing fossil fuels, accelerating the transition to renewable energy and encouraging local renewable energy development and jobs. The result is cost savings for residents and a more resilient city powered by clean energy.

Eligible CCA participants can choose to opt out of the program. Rochester Gas & Electric will continue to deliver electricity, maintain power lines, and respond to service outages. Customers will still receive only one bill each month, directly from RG&E, that will reflect the change in electricity supplier to Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. Through Rochester Community Power, the City of Rochester will continue to pursue clean energy goals and our community-wide Climate Action Plan’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2020 and 40% by 2030 (from 2010 baseline). CCA is a high-impact action that will further strengthen our Clean Energy Community designation from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.