Office of the Mayor

Malik D. Evans, Mayor

Administration - The Executive Branch of City Government

The Mayor’s Office represents the head of the executive / administrative branch of City Government.  The Mayor is responsible for the administration of all City affairs, including approving local laws and ordinances; enforcing laws; and appointing department heads and members of certain boards and commissions.  All City operations are overseen by the Office through the direct supervision of the Mayor and appointed senior staff.  

The administration performs the City's executive and central support functions.  These include strategic planning, developing and implementing policy, preparing and administering the annual budget and capital improvement plan, and coordinating the submission of legislation to City Council.  The offices of the administration are also responsible for several centralized functions of the City government:  Personnel and civil servicecommunications and public information; examining and evaluating City programs and processes through the Office of Public Integrity; coordinating Information Technology projects through the Project Management Office and the City's legal business.

More About the Mayor's Office 

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