Downtown Enhancement District

What is it?

The Downtown Enhancement District is a special benefit district consisting of two service zones surrounding Main Street. Within these zones, an enhanced level of service is provided by the City to address the unique needs of the city's central core. These services go beyond the basic services usually provided and include frequent maintenance, landscaping, litter removal, bench repair, graffiti removal, seasonal banners, and holiday decorations.
The services are automatically provided to properties located within the Downtown Enhancement District.

For additional information on zone boundaries and services provided, please see  Downtown Enhancement District Services .

For information on related code enforcement activities please see  Municipal Code & Enforcement Activities .


Property owners within the district receive a special assessment that is based on a formula designed to measure benefits derived from the improvements and services in the district. The formula uses a property's assessed value and land area, equally weighted. The charge for Zone Two properties, and for all parking facilities, is half that charged to Zone One properties. No properties are exempt, and the special charge is included on the City property tax bill.

Inquiries Or Concerns

Individuals with inquiries or concerns about the Downtown Enhancement District, please email or call 311 (outside the city, dial 585-428-5990).