Rochester Environmental Commission (REC)

In accordance with Executive Order No. 202.1 and the Mayor's Local Emergency Oder, the REC meetings will take place as virtual meeting and no in-person attendance shall be permitted. 

To view and/or listen to the meeting click the link at the scheduled time:

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The REC is a seven-member volunteer citizen advisory board established by Section 12-12 of the City Charter.  This section of the City Code is modeled after Article 12-F of the NYS General Municipal Law which permits cities, towns and villages to establish conservation advisory councils and boards. 

The REC reviews projects that are Type 1 Actions under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and require City approval and/or funding. The REC provides recommendations on a project's potential impacts on the environment. It is important to note that SEQRA considers both the natural (land, water, air, wildlife, etc.) and human made (archeological and historic resources, community character, etc.) environment.

The REC also acts as the hearing body when an environmental impact statement (EIS) is prepared for a project. At the conclusion of the environmental impact statement process, they make recommendations on whether the proposal should be approved, approved with modifications, or denied. Lastly, the REC is the appeals body for the Coastal Erosion Hazard Area permitting process.

Members must be City residents. If you are interested in applying for a position on the Commission, please contact Josanne Reaves

The REC meets on an as-needed basis with meetings occurring generally once per month. Meetings are held at 5:30pm. All meetings are subject to change, please email to confirm. As an advisory board, comments/recommendations that are generated by the REC are sent to the decision-making authorities for consideration during the permitting process.  For a copy of the comments/recommendations or for requests to review the project file for a particular project, please contact Anna Keller

Current Board Members

Rosemary Jonientz      Chair 
Carlos Perez     Vice Chair  
Robert Schellinger      
Elizabeth Primus  

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date Agenda
January 7, 2021 No Meeting
February 4, 2021 No Meeting
March 4, 2021 No Meeting
April 1, 2021 No Meeting
May 6, 2021 No Meeting
June 3, 2021 Agenda
July 1, 2021 No Meeting
August 5, 2021 No Meeting
September 2, 2021 No Meeting
October 7, 2021 No Meeting
November 4, 2021  
December 9, 2021  

Prior Years Agendas and Minutes

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