Park Rules & Regulations

Park Codes

Park areas are provided and maintained for the benefit and pleasure of all our citizens. With this in mind, municipal park codes have been established to assure your safe and enjoyable use of the areas. For the safety of all visitors and the protection of the environment, please read and adhere to the following rules:

  • Glass containers are not allowed in the Park (Sec. 79-6.1)
  • Possession of any open container of alcohol in a public place is unlawful. (Section 44-d)
  • Radios should not be audible over 50 feet from radio source. (Sec.79-4e)
  • No person shall operate a motor powered, off-road or limited use vehicle within a park. (Sec. 79-17)
  • No person shall damage, destroy, deface, disturb, remove or befoul any building, structure, sign, equipment, swimming pool, skating rink or other property in a park. (Sec. 79-3)
  • No person shall injure, damage, destroy, deface, disturb, remove or befoul any tree, flower, shrub, rock, mineral or other natural feature in a park. (Sec. 79-3)
  • All dogs must be controlled by a leash. (Sec. 79-8)
  • All pet owners must clean up after their pets. (Sec. 31-8c)
  • No person shall solicit or engage in any business or commercial transaction involving the sale of goods, without a permit from the Commissioner. (Sec. 79-19)
  • No person shall deposit rubbish of any sort within the Park. (Section 79-4)

If you have any questions on municipal park codes call (585) 428-6770 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
For information on areas served by the Park Patrol and park hours call (585) 428-6625.