Street Sweeping

All arterial and residential streets in the City of Rochester are flushed and swept. Early season sweeping begins in the spring, as sweepers clean the debris that accumulated during the winter months.

How often are streets swept?

From May until October, streets are swept on a designated schedule:

  • Arterial streets are swept twice a week.
  • Residential streets are swept at least once monthly.
  • Streets in the central business district are swept daily.
  • State highways are usually swept by other municipalities. However, in a few instances the City has this responsibility. Please see State-Owned Streets and Highways for additional information.

Can I request a certain street be swept?

For a street that needs particular attention, requests can be made online.


Street sweeping is financed by an embellishment fee that is based on the front footage of a property. The charge is included on the City property tax bill.