Official City Map and Surveys

The City of Rochester maintains an official city map that defines the corporate boundaries as well as all public rights-of-way. Records and information relating to the official map and other survey data are available to the public. Copies of tax, survey and filed subdivision maps may be obtained on a walk-in basis. Other information is furnished for review and/or pickup through written requests. For quicker service when you get to City Hall, fill out the Records Access Form at home.

Access the City Map

The City of Rochester's Maps and Surveys Office (part of the Department of Environmental Services) takes requests related to the official city map. Visit them Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at:

City Hall, Room 225-B
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-6873


Duplication fees are charged for routine maps.  

Microfilm Prints Fee
8.5" x 11" $5.00
11" x 17" $5.25
18" x 24" $5.75
24" x 36"   $6.80
Paper Prints Fee
Ward Map $6.25
2000 Scale City Map $6.25
1000 Scale City Map $10.25
Subdivision, Block, and Lot (SBL) Map- Tax Map  $7.50