Water Meter Information


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Meters   Water meters are installed by the City for every active water service.
Meter Ownership & Maintenance Water meters remain the property of the City. Only the City may install or remove a meter. Meters are maintained or replaced by the City. However, property owners are responsible for safeguarding water meters. 
Meter Readings Meters located in residential properties are generally read on a quarterly basis. For meters that are 3" or larger, readings are taken monthly. The City requires that at least one actual reading be taken annually by its personnel.
Remote Reading Meters The City recently completed a multi-year program to convert all water meters to remote reading meters. Remote electronic water meters allow meter readers to take readings from outside buildings, without having to enter them. The meter reader applies an automatic meter reading device to the receptacle pad to obtain the meter reading.  
Meter Testing Meters are tested upon the request of a property owner, or at the City's initiative. A property owner may, if desired, witness the test. If a property owner requests the test and the test results show the meter is measuring water flow correctly, the owner is charged for the test. If the test results do not meet accuracy limits, the meter is replaced at no charge to the owner and no fee is assessed for the test. In addition, the most current water bill is adjusted to compensate for the meter error.
Meter Seals Every meter is sealed to ensure its integrity. If the City finds that a seal has been broken, the meter is resealed and the property owner is charged for the resealing. No fee is charged if the seal was broken accidentally and the property owner promptly notifies the City of the seal breakage.



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