Roxie Ann Sinkler R-Center



 75 Grover Street

Rochester, NY 


This program is a registration-based program that's hosted by Mentors Inspiring Boys & Girls, a community-based agency. MIB is an artistic, social and cultural development program designed to help youth develop Artistically, Socially and Culturally.  

MIB offers the following:

CREATIVE WRITING An outlet for youth to express their thoughts and feelings while making their voices heard.

STEP & DANCE Stepping is a rising art form of an important part of our artistic and cultural heritage. It draws movement from African foot dances, originally conceived by miners in South Africa as an alternative to drumming, which was banned by authorities.

THEATER Youth will be introduced to various acting styles designed to improve confidence, creative thinking, self-expression, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.

VISUAL ARTS The language of visual arts is feeling, emotion, intuition, and former idea without words. The visual arts can help give meaning to what seems meaningless and help capture or recapture feelings and experiences.

YOUTH / FAMILY SOCIALS Families and youth will enjoy healthy extracurricular opportunities such as talent shows, dances, socials or “girls” or “boy’s” night out.

YOUTH / FAMILY WORKSHOPS Will be offered by community partners such as Brothers Under-Construction, Roots, Women Helping Girls, just to name a few. These workshops will address personal and community issues we face with in our daily lives.


For more information, please call 585.364.2401