Reserving City Recreation Facilities

 Coronavirus update:  The Permit’s Office will be refunding any cancellations without penalty from March to August.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding a permit or refund please email GREENL@CITYOFROCHESTER.GOV or call 585-428-6794.


On-line registration for City lodges and community centers.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding rental facilities, please contact the Department of Recreation and Youth Services Permit Office at 585-428-6755.


  • If you are not present at the facility at the time of your issued permit, the permit will be made null and void and you will not be refunded. 
  • Additional charge for any damage done to the property (charge will be based on assessed damaged item).
  • A minimum charge of $25 for any trash that remains inside or outside the venue that is not picked up.
  • A minimum charge of $25 for a venue left unclean
  • $150 per hour additional charge if permittee does not leave by permitted time on the application.

Permit Modification/Cancellation Policy
In order to modify a permit the permittee will be required to fill out a "Permit Modification/Cancellation Request" form and submit it to the Permit's Office (57 St. Paul Street) at least ten (10) business days in advance of the event date for all changes.  All modifications have a $10 modification fee.  

To cancel a permit a "Permit Modification/Cancellation Request" form has to be completed and submitted to the Permit's Office (57 St. Paul Street).  Cancellations must be submitted at least thirty (30) business days in advance of the event date for all cancellations or application withdrawals  Cancellations have a $20 cancellation fee in addition to the $20 non-refundable application fee.  Cancellation refunds is as follows:

  • All cancellations submitted thirty (30) business days in advance will be refunded 100% (minus the application and cancellation fee) no exceptions
  • All cancellations submitted under the thirty (30) business days will be refunded 50%
  • All cancellations submitted under ten (10) business days in advance will not be refunded.

Click here to download the Permit Modification/Cancellation request form.


Special Events in City Parks

If you plan on using a city park for staging, registration, a leg of your race/walk, post-event activities, or anything else related to a special event, you must fill out a Facility Use Permit application as well. Filling out this application and the subsequent issuance of the permit will reserve the park you intend to use and ensure there will not be a conflict with another event. Remember that in addition to this permit, you will also need to go through the Special Event permit application process

Permit for use of Auditoriums, Gymnasiums, Parks, and other City Facilities

Administered by the Department of Recreation and Youth Services, the Facility Use Permit allows the public to access ice rinks, auditoriums, gyms, softball fields, tennis courts, and other spaces. Birthday parties, wedding receptions, reunions, and any of your celebrations and gatherings are guaranteed to be memorable at a City of Rochester facility.

Permits payments must be made with: check, money order or credit card.  To download the application to reserve use of auditoriums, gymnasiums, parks, or other city facilities click here.

Ice Rinks, Pools, and Other Park Spaces

  • Genesee Valley Sports Complex  (indoor ice rink, outdoor pool)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park (outdoor ice rink)
  • Maplewood Rose Garden  (permit required for wedding ceremonies and photographs)
  • Adams Street Pool  (indoor heated pool)


  •  Adams R-Center
  • Avenue D R-Center
  • Campbell Street R-Center
  • Carter Street R-Center
  • Flint Street R-Center
  • Roxie Ann Sinkler R-Center
  • David F. Gantt R-Center
  • Fredrick Douglass R-Center

 Port of Rochester Terminal Building 

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For Additional Information for permit facilities or fields call the Department of Recreation and Youth Services, Permit Office, at 428-6755.