City Charter and Code Online

Rochester's City Charter and City Code Online

The code and charter can be researched online in an indexed, searchable database.

The Rochester City Charter is a legal document granted by the New York State Legislature in 1834 to establish the City of Rochester and define the municipality's powers and duties; it has been amended numerous times by City Council since that date.

The Rochester City Code is a two-volume set of the laws enacted and enforced by the City of Rochester.

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The City Code is amended and approved by the City Council as part of its legislative authority, beginning with the Proceedings of Council and ending with its final incorporation into the Rochester City Code.  You can view the recent workings of the City Council by accessing the information below.

City Council Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Proceedings

View and search the monthly listings of Council meeting minutes, adopted laws, ordinances, and resolutions. Following the end of each calendar year, the Minutes are combined and published as the annual Proceedings of Council.