Public Works Contract Documents

Contract Documents

The various Contract Documents contained herein are the standard documents which will be used by both City and Design professionals for the preparation of a Contract Proposal Book for the purposes of bidding on a public works construction contract.

The Contract Documents have been broken down into four categories, those to be used for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, those to be used for Locally Funded Projects, those funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money, and those to be used for Federal/State Funded Projects. Also included is a direct link to the Chapter 12 Appendices which is to be included in all Federal/State funded projects.

ARPA funded Projects:



Locally funded Projects:

CDBG funded Projects:

Federal/State funded Projects:

Contingent list for ARPA/ Locally / and CDBG Project:



 Special Notes for ARPA/ Locally / CDBG / Federal and State Projects:

Additional information for Procedures for Locally Administered Federal Aid Projects (PLAFAP) can be found on the New York State DOT's website by clicking here.


If you have any general questions concerning these documents, please contact the City’s Architecture and Engineering Bureau at (585) 428-6767, or email your questions. If you have any project specific questions, or would like additional guidance on preparing the documents for bidding purposes, please contact the City’s project manager responsible for the project.