Lost and Found Pets

Lost Pets

If you have lost your pet, please visit the Animal Service Center right away during normal business hours. Bring proof of ownership such as a dog license, rabies certificate, veterinary records, and photographs. If you find your pet at the shelter, there will be fees to reclaim the animal. The fees are necessary to cover the costs associated with impounding and caring for animals during their time at our facility. The sooner that you get here, the lower the fees. You will also need to pay for a license (dogs only), and rabies vaccination if not already done.  Sterilization (i.e., spay or neuter), is optional but encouraged. If you do not find your pet at the Animal Services Center, complete a lost pet report and include a photograph and continue checking back at the facility every couple days. We also recommend that you hang signs in your neighborhood and at veterinary hospitals and that you check found pet listings in the newspaper and on Craigslist and utilize other search engines such as Finding Rover available below.

You can also view the photos below to see if your pet has been taken in at the Animal Services Center. However, all animals may not be included, so we recommend that you visit the facility in person every couple days.

Please note that all animals are named upon intake, so your pet may be listed by a different name.

Sterilization is encouraged for all dogs and cats reclaimed from Animal Services Center

Found Pets

Many pets are found by neighbors within close proximity to the pet's home. Bringing the stray to the shelter should be the last resort. We need community members to assist us in limiting shelter intakes to animals that are truly homeless or suffering and those that represent public safety concerns. If you find a stray, please review the tips and follow the recommendations provided by American Pets Alive to expedite the reunion of the pet with its owners.  

The animals listed below came to us as unidentified strays. 

Another tool for locating lost pets is Finding Rover, which uses facial recognition to match shelter animals with missing pets. Try this search below.