68-92 Genesee Street - Hazardous Materials Management and Waste Disposal Project

About the Project

The City intends to complete a comprehensive environmental investigation at 68-92 Genesee Street in order to characterize soil and groundwater conditions, evaluate future potential remedial options, and assist with developing the re-use and/ or redevelopment options for the Site.  The Site, in its current state, poses an immediate threat to the health and safety to the community members that live, work and frequent nearby businesses.  At this time, the City of Rochester is completing a hazardous materials management, lab pack, and waste disposal project to remove potentially hazardous substances present at the 68-92 Genesee Street Site. 

The Site is located within the City of Rochester’s Bull’s Head Neighborhood Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) and consists of one (1) parcel of land which totals 0.73 acres in size.  Two structures currently occupy the Site.  One (1) structure, of approximately 25,000 square feet is a former commercial dry cleaners which is currently vacant, tax delinquent and in disrepair.  The second structure is currently being utilized as a commercial coin-op Laundromat.

The two-story former United Cleaners building on the subject property was constructed in the 1930’s and used as a dry cleaner and an auto sales and service center. The single-story Canopy Laundromat was constructed in 1979 for use as a Laundromat facility.  The Canopy Laundromat portion of the property formerly contained residential buildings. A gas station with three gasoline tanks was located on the southern section of the subject property in the 1930s.  Past investigations of the property include:

Multiple Recognized Environmental Concerns were identified during the course of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment including:

  • possible petroleum contamination associated with use and storage of petroleum products on-Site;
  • possible hazardous materials impacts to soil and groundwater including chlorinated solvents and metals, associated with the use, storage and abandonment of chemical containers on-Site;
  • lead, asbestos, and polychlorinated-biphenyl (PCB) contamination from building materials, and fluorescent light ballasts;
  • toxic mold contamination and biological hazards associated with animal wastes.

Once the hazardous materials management, lab pack, and waste disposal project is completed, a comprehensive environmental investigation will be completed.


If you have additional questions about the project, contact the City’s project manager: Jane MH Forbes, Division of Environmental Quality (585) 428-7892, or email her.