What To Do If You Find Stray Kittens

We frequently receive calls from citizens who have found unattended kittens and do not know what to do. Many deliver boxes of such kittens to the Animal Services Center without knowing if the kittens were actually orphaned or not. Our colleagues at San Diego Humane Society have shared this flow chart to help citizens recognize which kittens are in need of help and what to do based on the age of the kittens and other circumstances. For more information, review Don't Cat-Nap The Kittens!  


If the kittens are truly in need of care and you are willing to take that responsibility, check out the resources and information available at Kitten Lady's website including a free webinar series.

 Kitten Age Chart

The ASPCA has an online tool in English and Spanish to help guide finders with identifying the best option for found kittens.



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