Charles Carroll Plaza and Genesee Crossroads Parking Garage Roof Slab Reconstruction Project


About the project


The Public Meeting on June 24, has been CANCELED, it will be rescheduled for a later date.


 Charles Carroll Plaza and the supporting Genesee Crossroads Parking Garage underneath are located on a prime waterfront site on the west bank of the Genesee River between Main Street and Andrews Street in the city of Rochester’s Central Business District.

Charles Carroll Plaza is a public, riverfront, urban space that provides scenic views, park seating, a public promenade, public art, and green space. The plaza is tiered with multiple levels that directly reflect the shape of the multi-storied Genesee Crossroads Parking Garage below. The plaza is approximately 127,000 SF (3.4 acres) and provides essential connections to the surrounding downtown. The 50 year old site is in poor condition and requires renovation.

Download a site location map

Project Objectives

  • Remove pavers and other portions of the plaza to access supporting garage roof slab underneath
  • Perform concrete slab repairs
  • Replace the slab waterproofing system
  • Reconstruct a new plaza that meets the current needs of the City’s urban core

Genesee Crossroads Garage Entrance on Andrews St. image-03-cropped

The Genesee Crossroads Parking Garage provides approximately 658 parking spaces and is vital to the city’s downtown parking needs.  The garage roof waterproofing and structural repairs are of the highest priority in maintaining and extending the functional life of this valuable asset. 

Current view of Genesee Riverway Trail through CCP "Rochester Project" by Richard Fleischner  

The plaza on top of the parking garage is an essential link in the Genesee Riverway Trail system, a designated National Recreation Trail that provides pedestrian access along the Genesee River. The plaza is the current home to a six-part, enameled steel, sculptural compilation by nationally renowned artist Richard Fleischner. The installation, known as the “Rochester Project,” was installed as part of the Rochester Sesquicentennial by the Sesquicentennial Arts & Culture Committee and dedicated in October 1986. 

Plaza Reconstruction Objectives…functionality with artistic waterfront design:

  • Visibility and views: Maximize view sheds of the river
  • Linkages:  Improve all linkages through the plaza to create a dynamic pedestrian network
  • Safety: Reduce vertical elements and add lighting to increase perception of safety
  • Accessibility:  Create full accessibility wherever feasible
  • Vitality:  User attractions and activity generators such as vendors, interactive art, sculptures, game tables, kiosks, open green and recreation spaces
  • Additional factors such as durability, maintenance, and spatial variety will play into the final design.

Project Team

The design consultant team of T.Y. Lin International Group, with OLIN landscape architecture, urban design & planning, Highland Planning, LLC and Bell & Spina Architects was selected through the City’s Request for Proposal (RFP) process to provide engineering, landscape architectural, public outreach, planning and design services for the project. 

Public engagement and feedback for understanding the needs and visions of the community as they relate to the plaza will be implemented through a project advisory committee, public meetings, public surveys, and project updates on the City’s website.

Project Schedule

  • Winter / Spring 2015:  Design Consultant Procurement through City RFP process
  • Summer / Fall 2015:  Site Reconnaissance and Inspection
  • December 10, 2015:  Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting 1 at the Holiday Inn on State Street
  • February 24, 2016:  Public Information Meeting 1 at the Holiday Inn on State Street
  • September 14, 2016:  PAC Meeting 2 at the First Federal Plaza
  •  November 10, 2016: Public Information Meeting 2 at the Holiday Inn on State Street
  • Spring 2016– Fall 2017: Schematic planning and design 
  • January 2019 – Fall 2019:  Preliminary development of design 
  • Fall 2019 - winter 2020:  Finalize design and publicly bid
  • Spring 2020 - Fall 2022:  Construction phase 

Schedule is subject to adjustments

Project Documents

Design and construction documents are prepared with funds provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

Project Advisory Committee Meeting 1   
December 10, 2015  
Download key slides from the presentation

Public Information Meeting 2
November 10, 2016   
Download slides from the presentation
Download views of the Schematic Concepts


If you have questions or comments about the project, please contact Laura Civiletti in the City’s Bureau of Architecture and Engineering at 428-7742, or by email