Water Main Cleaning and Lining Project

About the Project

The City's annual water main cleaning and lining project rehabilitates existing water mains to improve water quality and available flows for fire-fighting.

Hard deposits (formed by corrosion) are removed from the interior of the main and a thin layer of cement mortar is applied to the interior pipe walls to prevent deposits from reforming. Where necessary, temporary water pipes are used to supply water to customers during construction. The City’s contractor is Mainlining America, LLC. They have successfully completed several past Water Main Cleaning and Lining projects for the City.

Construction Updates

2022 Water Main Lining and Lead Service Line Replacement Project

This years annual project will rehabilitate over 18,000 feet of water main along with the replacement of 195 lead service lines along these mains. Download the Project Area Map to review which streets and which services will be affected. Click Here to learn more about Lead in Drinking Water.

Download the Project Area Map

Construction work will be conducted on the following streets:

Street Name Limits Construction Updates
Alliance Ave. Pinnacle Rd. to Monroe Ave. Completed
Baird Rd. Norton St. to Rexford St. Completed
Emanon St. St. Paul St. to Dead End Completed
Evergreen St. No. 97 to Conkey Ave. Completed
Finney St. Ontario St. to Woodard St. Completed
Galusha St. Oakman St. to Upper Falls Blvd. Completed
Gilmore St. Edwards St. to North St. Completed
Malone St. Carter St. to Dead End Completed
Nester St. Hudson Ave. to Wakefield St. Completed
Parker Al. N. Union St. to Alexander St. Completed
Richmond St. N. Union St. to Alexander St. Completed
Shuart St. Lawrence St. to Alexander St. Completed
Van Olinda St. Northlane Rd. to Baird St. Completed
Vose St. Henry St. to Reed Pk. Completed
Wanda St. Wakefield St. to Hudson Ave. Completed
Weeger St. Hudson Ave. to Thomas St. Completed
Zygment St. Wakefield St. to Hudson Ave. Completed

Bids for this project have been received and is waiting for the City's Purchasing Department to award the contract.

Click Here for the presentation for the Public Information Meeting held on Monday, May 23, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about drinking water safety

Get the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Water Main Cleaning and Lining

What To Expect

  • Advance notice letter issued shortly before construction begins (via door hanger).
  • Contractor must access basement/utility room to temporarily remove water meter and connect temporary hoses. Meter will be stored in customer's basement/utility room.
  • No charge for water usage while meter is removed.
  • Normal quarterly base charge will still be applied to bill. 
  • Water supplied via the temporary bypass pipes is the same water that is in the water main. 

Additional Information

  • Temporary bypass pipes are disinfected and tested by the Monroe County Department of Public Health prior to activation.
  • Access holes in the street will be covered with steel plates at the end of each work day.
  • Traffic flow will be maintained.
  • Access to all driveways will be maintained
  • The lined main will be disinfected and tested by the Monroe County Department of Public Health before it is placed back in service.
  • The Contractor will coordinate with residents to reinstall the water meter and remove the temporary service.
  • All excavations will be permanently backfilled.
  • Surfaces restored to pre-construction condition.
  • May take approximately 1 week to remove asphalt driveway ramps after temporary bypass pipe has been removed.
  • If the contractor can not access your basement/utility room to remove the meter and connect the temporary hoses, water service will not be maintained to your building and the property owner will be responsible for all costs necessary to unplug the water service if it becomes plugged with cement.


If you have any questions about the project, please contact the City's Project Manager, Michael Bushart, P.E. at (585) 428-7567 or e-mail him.

For construction related issues or in the event of an emergency, call the Water Bureau's Dispatch office at (585) 428-7500. This line is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.