Cobb's Hill Park and Washington Grove

How to Get Here

  Picnic in Cobbs Hill Park.Culver Rd. and Norris Dr. Rochester, NY 14610 map
(585) 428-6755 


Cobb's Hill Park is located in the city's south east area and features 109 acres of beauty, recreation, and scenic trails. At the park's highest point, a walking trail offers one of the best views of the city. At road level, a collection of lilacs and original tree plantings makes this park a horticultural gem. During summer nights, Cobb's Hill Park bustles with players from local softball leagues.  

Park Amenities & Attractions

  • The Cobb's Hill Reservoir is a favorite spot for runners who do laps around the sparkling water-filled basin.
  • Lake Riley, located near the Culver Road entrance, attracts summer sunbathers to its grassy shore.
  • Sports fields for baseball, softball, and soccer
  • Basketball and tennis courts
  • Playground cobbsReserv
  • Washington Grove

Facilities Available

  • Ball Fields
  • Basketball Court - Outside
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Football/Soccer
  • Large Group Accommodation
  • Play Apparatus
  • Playground
  • Scenic Area
  • Tennis Courts
  • Hiking Trails 


Cobbs Hill Park boasts two cabins that the public can reserve. Look into renting the Tay House or Lake Riley Lodge for your next event!  To book a lodge online visit

Fitness Court at Cobb's Hill 

The Fitness Court at Cobb's Hill is the first outdoor court of its kind in New York State and makes physical fitness free and accessible to community residents.  The fitness court was made possible through the support and generosity of MVP Health Care, as well as the National Fitness Campaign.  Rochester was selected by the National Fitness Campaign as one of only 300 Cities nationwide to have an outdoor fitness court!    

The outdoor circuit training system includes 30 pieces of equipment, allowing users of all skill levels to leverage their body weight at different angels and resistance levels to increase mobility and muscular strength.  Residents can also take advantage of the free Fitness Court App which acts as a how-to guide and a "personal coach in your pocket.

The Court will be open to the public free of charge with the purpose of promoting front-end health and wellness.  Individuals utilizing the court must be 14 years and older.  Pets are not permitted on the Fitness Court (service animals only).   All pets must always be on a leash within Cobb’s Hill Park. 


Do’s and Dont's  

   Download the Fitness Court app on your mobile phone to get the most out of your MVP Health Care Fitness Court workout, get training and take challenges ( )   

   -Challenge yourself, your friends, and your community to get outside and get active   

   -Keep equipment and area clean    

   -No smoking or alcoholic beverage allowed on premises   

   -No pets allowed (service animals only)   

   -Do not allow your child to run, climb, jump, hang, or swing on the fitness equipment   

Permit the Fitness Court for Your Next Wellness Activity

  Fitness Ambassadors and Personal Trainers will have the opportunity to permit the outside court for programs, trainings, or events. Permittee will have to provide proof of certification for classes, proof of liability insurance, and complete a permit application.  Any event over 100 spectators will require preapproval from the Special Events Office at City Hall.  Cost is $50 per hour and $20 application fee with cancellation and modification fees that will apply.  Click here to download permit and see permit application for rules and regulations.      

   The Cobb's Hill Fitness Court will be available for permitting between from 6:00 am – 7:00 pm. We encourage permittees to allow spectators to join activities if space allows.     
 For more information or to permit the Fitness Court call the City of Rochester, Department of Recreation & Human Services Permit Office at 585-428-6755.  



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  Practice social distancing and be safe! First Home Workout Available Now!

Fitness Court workouts indoors offers a new series of 7-minute, free, full-body video workouts by Fitness Court designer, special forces trainer, and bestselling author, Mark Lauren. The workout will be available on the Fitness Court App.  Now anyone will be able to elevate their day at home with an energizing wellness routine led by an expert trainer. Each week we’ll be sharing new workouts and ways to stay fit, strong, and positive. If you haven’t yet, download the Fitness Court App for free and learn how good you’ll feel after working out for just seven minutes.   




Washington Grove  

Located just east of the Cobb's Hill Reservoir, is a breathtaking, undeveloped 100-acre sanctuary filled with large oaks and wildlife in the heart of the city. Walking trails abound and provide hikers with spectacular views. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash. Bikes are prohibited on the trails in the park.

Amenities include: hiking trails within an old growth forest. Check out the City's family friendly themed walks to learn about Washington Grove's birds, geology and more offered in coordination with Flower City Looking Good.









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