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Street construction


construction on street

The Department of Environmental Services has a rigorous program designed to keep City streets in good condition. The Bureau of Architecture & Engineering assesses street conditions and plans an annual repair program.

Streets in need of attention become candidates for interim repairs through the Street Maintenance program or the Street Construction program which includes more comprehensive fixes. During construction season, check Street Beat for daily updates.
The City has two methods to remedy streets in poor condition. 

Milling and resurfacing

  • Removal of one to two inches of asphalt by a cold milling process, and the placement of one or more inches of new asphalt.

Street rehabilitation

  • Base repairs, pavement resurfacing, and the placement of new curbing to produce the appearance of a new street. 

  • In some cases, the old road base is dug out to a depth of between 15" and 23". 

  • The water main system, street lighting system, sidewalks, and driveway aprons are upgraded.

Public Input

Residents are notified of work that may interfere with their use of the street. Public meetings are held in affected areas to discuss proposed projects before major street rehabilitation work begins.