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Finance Department

About the Finance Department

The Department of Finance manages the City's financial affairs. It collects revenues, manages and invests cash, manages City debt, and controls financial processing. Its responsibilities include managing payroll, purchasing, and assessment operations, maintaining financial records and reports, enforcing financial policies and standards, and collecting and storing City records.

The Department is composed of seven units: the Director's Office, Accounting, Treasury, Assessment, Parking,  the Rochester Traffic Violations Agency and Purchasing.


Finance Department

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

A Message from the Director

Portrait of Kim Jones.

Kim Jones

The Finance Department is a public facing, customer-oriented department.  The Department is comprised of The Director’s Office, Accounting, Assessment, Parking & Municipal Code Violations, Purchasing, Traffic Violations, and Treasury. We value our employees and deem them our largest city asset.  We take pride in our service delivery, and aim to satisfy our external and internal customer needs.  

Our services span the gamut, from property based customer interaction (taxes, water, refuse, assessment, etc...,), to internal service delivery (Accounting, Debt and Investment management, etc...,).  I often refer to the Finance Department as a cyclops, as there are many prisms emitting through one eye.  Whether interacting with an external or internal customer our purpose and intent is the same, to provide unparalleled customer service delivery.

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