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About Rochester’s Bureau of Assessment

The primary function of the Bureau of Assessment is to ensure a fair and equitable assessment of all properties in the City of Rochester.

The Bureau of Assessment maintains physical and structural data on all parcels in the city through on-site visits, data collection and market analysis to establish an assessed value. 

The Bureau of Assessment monitors recent property transfers, neighborhood and economic conditions, financing, legal restrictions, and location influences as they pertain to City properties. 

It provides the public with data on property ownership, tax exemption programs, filing deadlines, and sales information. 

The Bureau processes tax exemption applications, tracks ownership, files assessment changes, mails notices to owners when the assessments change, and responds to owners' inquiries.

The Bureau of Assessment is regulated by New York State Real Property Tax Law (RPTL). 


City Assessor: Michael S. Zazzara

Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Exemption Hotline: 585-428-6994
Fax Number: 585-428-6423


Note: Assessment staff are not available to answer phones during off hours, weekends and holidays. There is no answering service. Please call during office hours. If you have a direct phone number for a staff person, voicemail is available during off hours.

City of Rochester Assessment Roll

Click the button below for the latest City of Rochester Assessment Roll (the full list of all pending reassessed values).  

Tentative Rolls are filed March 1 and can only be amended by the Board of Assessment Review (BAR). Final Rolls are filed May 1 and reflect BAR approved changes. 

Note that a Special Meeting(s) of the BAR after filing the Final Roll may result in changes not reflected in the published Final Roll.  These then become the basis for the Final Tax Rolls.   

Download 2024-2025 Final Assessment Roll

Property Tax Estimate Tool

Interested in confirming what the new tax rate means for your City of Rochester home? Check out our new Homeowner Property Tax Estimate Tool to get a more accurate estimate of your 2024 property tax bill!

This tool estimates your new property tax by considering the City’s new, lower tax rate and the changes in your property values from the recent reassessment.

Keep in mind, this new estimate does not include embellishments and does not reflect any New York State Tax Credits that you may receive. For more information on registering for a STAR Property Tax credit, visit this website.

Please note, business and non-homestead property taxes cannot be calculated by this tool. Final property tax bills will be distributed upon City Council approval of the City’s 2024-25 Budget, in late June 2024.

Screen shot of the Rochester Property Tax Estimate Tool.


Your Property assessment is an estimate of the fair market value of your property based on sales of similar homes in your neighborhood.  An accurate property assessment is critical to an equitable distribution of property taxes which fund the types of services that ensure the value and vitality of our City. 

That is why approximately 65,000± properties are evaluated all at once, typically every 4 years, during a Reassessment to maintain accurate property data and valuation. During non-reassessment years as specific properties undergo significant physical change, when appropriate the data and the valuations are updated. 

The last city-wide reassessment was completed for the 2024-25 tax year and the next scheduled reassessment will be for the 2028-29 tax year.  The project will commence in the spring of 2027.