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Purchasing Law

New York State Law

Section 103 of the N.Y. State General Municipal Law requires that the City:

  1. Advertise for written, sealed bids on any purchase of goods or services costing more than $20,000 in annual requirements.
  2. Advertise for written, sealed bids on any Public Work (Construction, Etc.) costing more than $35,000.
  3. Make an award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

City of Rochester

Section 8a of the Code of the City of Rochester, NY states that the Purchasing Agent: 

  1. Shall be the only City official to purchase or lease materials, supplies, equipment, public works, and contractual services.
  2. Shall dispose of all surplus property of the City.
  3. Shall conduct the written, sealed bid process in accordance with the guidelines of the New York State law (above).
  4. Obtain competition for other purchases - written quotes, telephone quotes, etc.
  5. Must require performance and payment security (Performance Bonds and Labor & Material Payment Bonds) for at least 50% of the contract total for contractual services costing more than $100,000.
  6. Require proof of insurance coverage (Certificate of Insurance) in appropriate amounts for contractual services. 

    Purchasing Law