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Rochester Housing Market Study 2007


The Rochester City-Wide Housing Market Study was an innovative effort to combine carefully collected market data with a full analysis of the City's neighborhoods, finance environment and housing programs. The result was a set of recommendations to guide future planning efforts and to organize the activities of City agencies, private and non-profit organizations around one shared vision and action strategy to reinvigorate all of Rochester's neighborhoods. Read the City's Housing Policy here. The study focused on the following primary tasks:
  • Assess the depth and breadth of the housing market for the entire City. This City-wide market study will include an evaluation of the potential market for different types of neighborhoods.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of Rochester's varied neighborhoods.
  • Collect and assess social, economic, and physical data for the City's neighborhoods.
  • Review all the major housing programs in the City operated both by the City and non-profit organizations.
  • Review the investment patterns of public and private dollars across the City. 
  • Assess the lending environment in Rochester including an understanding of foreclosure rates and predatory lending practices.
  • Conduct over 70 personal stakeholder interviews to understand the local challenges and opportunities associated with Rochester's neighborhoods.
  • Lead seven focus groups to discuss housing from the perspectives of residents, community organizations, realtors, developers, housing service providers, bankers and City staff.
  • Recommendations that best maximize the use of public funds to support the potential housing market and improve housing for all income levels.

Interface Studio LLC of Philadelphia was retained to lead a team of national experts to undertake this task.

Rochester Neighborhood Atlas

An opportunity to see the city in new ways by gathering and presenting a large amount of data in one location. The City of Rochester and its partner organizations have an extensive database of information that has been used as a means of assessing the health of local neighborhoods. 

The following documents are tools for organizations and residents to review the characteristics of the city and its neighborhoods:

Recommendations Report

The recommendations that stemmed from the City-wide Rochester Housing Market Study are now complete and can be downloaded below:

Analysis Reports

The City-Wide Rochester Housing Market Study explores Rochester's many facets to develop a comprehensive neighborhood and housing strategy to guide and coordinate the activities of City agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and private stakeholders. While a key objective is to understand the depth and breadth of Rochester's housing market, this study is much more than a market assessment. The information collected and organized in this document represents a comprehensive and objective assessment of both the positive and negative trends affecting the City. All of Rochester's communities have the potential to be vibrant, diverse, and healthy given the right mixture of thoughtful public, private and community leadership. This study seeks to provide a framework through which to 'see' the City and its many possibilities.

The following City-Wide Housing Market Analysis represents the first phase of the study. The analysis is broken into five (5) sections.

Introduction and Executive Summary     

Rochester Atlas

Where is the City now? A review of socio-economic and physical characteristics of Rochester and its neighborhoods

Neighborhood By The Numbers 

How can neighborhood health be measured? How competitive is each neighborhood locally and regionally? An assessment of Rochester’s neighborhoods, including a replicable process for measuring the health of each community, is provided. The analysis identifies six neighborhood “types” based on available data, which will form the basis of investment policies and recommendations developed in the last phase of this Study.

Market Potential 

What is the potential future for the City? A comprehensive picture of the City’s market potential based on IRS, Census, Claritas, and other data. Market demand was projected for the City as a whole, downtown Rochester, and four different neighborhoods.

Housing System

What resources are available to meet the housing needs and demands in the City? Are these resources effectively used? An analysis of the use of public and private funds, local housing programs and services, vacant land management and disposition, and the development review and permitting process.

City-Wide Housing Market Analysis Appendices

Housing Market Study Project Consultants and Advisory Committee