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Site Plan Review (SPR)

Site Plan Review assesses a project's elements of design and function, identifies necessary referrals to other public agencies, and often includes project recommendations. The Manager of Zoning, or their designee, is authorized under the City Code to approve all site plans. The Manager regularly relies on the recommendations of the Site Plan Review Committee, which consists of professional staff from various City agencies. No public hearing is required for approval.

Larger or more complex proposals that meet one or more 'Major Site Plan Review' triggers are referred to the City's Project Review Committee (PRC), consisting of urban design specialists and City staff.

Final Site Plan Approval establishes that the project or proposal complies with all Zoning requirements, conditions required, and final steps for completing the building permit. Updated drawings are often required to reflect all aspects of the approval.

Preliminary findings are issued when special approvals such as a variance or special permit are required. These findings typically provide a detailed code analysis of the application and are followed by Final Site Plan approval.

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