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Commercial Corridor Study

Purpose of Study

This study is intended to inform neighborhood revitalization and business development strategies in the City of Rochester. The information and analysis in this document will guide the City in adopting market-driven approaches that recognize trends, challenges, and opportunities within its CDBG-eligible commercial corridors and the city as a whole. Through the adoption of Rochester 2034 - the comprehensive plan for the city of Rochester, the City will identify strategic approaches and new initiatives responding to these conditions, resulting in vibrant commercial corridors where businesses can thrive and the needs of area residents can be met.


The team of Place Dynamics LLC and E.M. Pemrick & Company were retained to prepare the Commercial Corridors Study. Throughout the research and analysis, the consultant team collaborated closely with City staff and officials, and interacted with business owners, commercial property owners and brokers, and the public to gather insight and feed-back on findings and recommendations.

The analysis was completed in phases. The initial phase addressed broad issues of change and existing conditions in the commercial sector within Rochester and the region, along with trends in the retail, dining, and service industries locating in the region’s commercial districts. These were related back to challenged and successful districts to develop a “theory of change” describing conditions that can support healthy commercial districts and can be leveraged to spur revitalization.

The second phase of the study delved more deeply into eight CDBG-eligible commercial corridors selected to learn greater detail about the issues and opportunities shaping them and their business communities. The analysis and recommendations from these corridors will provide models that the City can replicate in other parts of the community.

The final phase of the project brought together the theory of change and the observations from the eight study areas to recommend an overall program for the City to spur revitalization. This strategy combines elements of public infrastructure investment, real estate redevelopment, entrepreneurship and business development, and corridor management.  

Documents and Materials 

Download the PDF of the Commercial Corridor Study here.

Click here to see how Rochester's corridors are addressed in Rochester 2034 - the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Rochester.