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RPD: Community Affairs Bureau

The Community Affairs Division falls under the Special Operations Bureau and assists Chief of Police David M. Smith in coordinating all communications, public information and community engagement initiatives. The Community Affairs Division commands the Community Relations Unit, which includes the Neighborhood Service Centers (NSC) and Crime Prevention Officers (CPOs). 

As the RPD upholds its motto of "Serving with PRIDE: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Excellence" to forge a stronger bond with the community, the Community Affairs Division gives the Chief a viable means of fully engaging with various segments of the community. Typical work activities of the Community Affairs Bureau include: 

  • Directing change management initiatives and developing strategies related to communications and community engagement;
  • Appraising local and national law enforcement issues related to community relations and recommending suitable solutions;
  • Implementing new programs, procedures and policies designed to improve the community's perception and appreciation for the RPD;
  • Meeting with community, business, educational, human service and civic action groups regarding their interaction with the RPD;
  • Representing the RPD to various groups concerned with intergovernmental law enforcement affairs;
  • Researching, developing and implementing effective communication tools to work with the diverse populations the RPD serves;
  • Identifying need, leading development and implementing progressive police training and mentoring programs;
  • Maintaining productive alliances with professional police agencies and other authorities;
  • Reviewing investigations into alleged or apparent discrimination or misconduct by RPD personnel and recommending discipline, training, etc.;
  • Representing the RPD before City Council, the County Legislature and other official entities;
  • Serving as the RPD's Chief Recruitment Officer and directing the Recruitment Unit and overall recruitment efforts to solicit and encourage prospective police officer candidates to seek employment with the RPD;
  • Serving as the RPD's Chief Public Information Officer (PIO) and directing personnel in performing public information duties;
  • Serving as the RPD's Chief Community Affairs Officer, overseeing the City's Neighborhood Service Centers;
  • Directing and coordinating all RPD activities related to social media initiatives.