Dog Park at Cobbs Hill

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Cobbs Hill Park on Norris Drive at the eastern end of the park

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Open year-round, from dawn until dusk


  • Large dog and small dog areas
  • Stone dust surface
  • Open lawns
  • Benches
  • Shade trees
  • Pet waste stations
  • Drinking water

Before visiting the play area, please read the Rules, Good Dog! Etiquette, and FAQs.


 Dog Park Tag All dogs must be registered Learn More >>

Tag must be worn by your dog and permit must be with you or in your vehicle.

Have voice control over your dog and keep your dog in sight at all times. All dogs brought by one person must remain in the same area (small dog/large dog area) with that person.

No more than 3 dogs per person in the play area at one time.

Clean up after your dog!

Immediately remove dogs showing aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs

For everyone’s safety:

  • No food (human or dog), alcohol, smoking, or glass
  • No children under 10 inside the play area. Children 10 and older must be accompanied by an adult
  • No choke, pronged, or spiked collars
  • No large dogs in the small dog area
  • No dogs in heat, or that are ill or injured
  • No dogs under 6 months old

To report an emergency, dial 911

Good Dog! Etiquette

Keep gates closed and latched at all times, except when entering or exiting

Don’t “hold the door” for others. Each person should use the registration code to open the gate. This will help ensure only registered dogs(licensed and vaccinated against rabies) are using the play area

Leash/unleash only in the double gated area

Discourage digging and fill any holes

Small dog area is for dogs weighing 25 pounds or less. Large dog area is open to dogs of all weights

Professional dog trainers may not use the dog park to conduct business

No soliciting

Leave bicycles, scooters, skateboards or any other wheeled or motorized devices outside the fence. All types of wheelchairs are welcome inside the play area!

There is no City staff supervising the dog park. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep it safe and clean.


Who can use the dog park at Cobbs Hill?

City residents with a licensed dog can register for this dog park. Register at the City Clerk’s office. Learn More >>

How do I prevent a dog fight?

The best way to prevent a fight is to never let your dog leave your sight!

Scuffles happen as part of play, so watch your dog’s behavior and body language. The City of Rochester’s Animal Services has dog bite prevention and responsible ownership information online. Make sure to check out the “Interpreting dog postures” section for illustrations.
If your dog begins to behave aggressively or plays too rough, take your dog out of the play area to cool down.

What if there is a dog fight?

If a fight happens, remain calm. Use firm, confident commands. Never get in between fighting dogs.
If your dog is involved in a fight, exchange contact information with the other owner. Each person bringing a dog to the dog park is responsible for injury to person or property caused by their dog.

What if someone does not clean up after their dog?

Address it directly and politely. Most people do clean up after their dogs, so they may not have noticed their dog relieving him/herself. Let the person know what happened and where. Unfortunately, some owners may still not clean up after their dog. In order to keep the park clean, safe and sanitary, there may be a need for you to pick up the waste. Please know from all dog park users how thankful we are for your extra effort keeping our dog park clean and safe.

What if I see an unregistered dog in the play area?

If you don’t see the collar tag, it may have fallen off or been left on another collar. Ask the owner if their dog is registered to use the dog park. If they don’t know registration is required, you can refer them to the City’s website or 311 for information.

How long is the registration code/permit/tag good for?

All current registrations expire December 31, 2018.

Where should I park?

The paved shoulder on Norris Drive has been widened to accommodate dog park visitors. Please avoid driving on the grass. Observe all posted parking rules. Try to let dogs in and out of vehicles on the passenger side (not into the road).

What if the pet waste station runs out of bags?

If any part of the dog park needs service or is broken, please call 311


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