Rochester Land Bank Corporation

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Land Bank Mission Statement

The Rochester Land Bank Corporation will return underutilized property to productive use, preserve and create quality housing, enhance the quality of life within neighborhoods, and encourage economic opportunities.


The 2020 Land Bank Property Auction is on its way. Click here for details and applications. You must be an approved bidder to receive the showing schedule, and auction date. 

Applications to participate must be received completed, notarized and accompanied by financial support evidence by 3PM on June 19th, 2020. 


 Coronavirus Response Update: The City of Rochester Land Bank will hold its monthly meeting at 3 p.m. Thursday, July 16. Due to the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, the meeting will be conducted online and made available to the public via teleconference. 


To listen in on the meeting use this information: Dial-in:1-646-558-8656 (New York); Meeting ID: 936 6208 9587.  
To attend a Zoom meeting, use this information: Link  ; Password 026453

About the Land Bank 

The purpose of the land bank is to acquire, hold and dispose of real property that is vacant, abandoned or underutilized for purposes of returning those properties to productive use. This goal will be met through judicious use of land bank powers enumerated in Section 1600 of the NY Not-for-profit Corporation Law (known as the “Land Bank Act”) to specifically facilitate, manage, and implement City of Rochester designated community development projects or redevelopment plans.

The focus of the land bank is systematic treatment of vacant property consistent with the development strategies and policies created by City government and community members. The land bank will acquire and dispose of real property when a disposition strategy has been identified within the context of City designated community development projects or redevelopment plans. The disposition strategy may include holding the property in the land bank for a period of time, demolition, sale to a developer or other strategies.

Rochester Land Bank Corporation Board Membership

There are seven members of the Board of Directors, five ex officio members, and two appointed members to serve three year terms. Click here for a list of members 

Public Meeting Schedule, Agenda and Minutes

Meetings are held at 3PM in City Hall, 30 Church St, Room 223B, Rochester, New York, 14614. Click here for schedules, Agendas and Minutes 


Committees include Audit, Finance, and Governance. Click here for committee information.


Available reports include Audit, Budget and Financial Plan, Annual Reports, Audited financial statements, Current Inventory and Disposition Log. Click Here to access reports.

Land Bank Policies

Click Here to see a list of policies governing the operation of the Rochester Land Bank Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

 Click Here to See Land Bank Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  


 Click Here for a Gallery of Projects completed by Land Bank Partners