Pet Adoption Program

Stay tuned for upcoming adoption events.

These one-day events apply to all cats and dogs that are available for adoption on the event date and are made possible by support from foundations, corporate sponsors. and other community partners. Adopters can have their names added to wait lists for stray animals with holding periods that expire after the event date but such animals may not be included in the fee-waiver. Additionally, regular adoption fees may apply for adopters added to waiting lists prior to the event date.

Those interested in attending should prepare for long waits given that many attendees begin lining up hours before the shelter opens and then, when the event begins, visitors are allowed access to the facility in small groups to minimize stress on animals. Adopters must be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, please bring a collar and leash or pet carrier to ensure that your new pets are transported to their new homes safely.

We thank you in advance for your patience as we are doing our best to serve hundreds of people all hoping for a chance to adopt one of the dozens of animals currently in our care.


Please remember to bring a collar and leash or pet carrier to ensure that pets can leave on the scheduled release date and make it to their new homes safely.


Check out our adoptable (and adorable) pets

The links below showcase just a few of the dogs, cats, and other pets at the shelter who are waiting for new homes. There are plenty more waiting at the shelter who are just as adorable and also in need of loving guardians.

Before falling in love with a pet, make sure you familiarize yourself with the adoption process, fees, and other information provided below.

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What You Should Know About the Adoption Process

IFB-adopt-me-dogBefore adopting an animal into your home, we will ask you for some information to help us ensure the well being of the animal you wish to adopt, and to ensure the same for any pets that you may already have at home. We always encourage potential adopters to think about all of the responsibilities and expenses associated with owning a pet because we want to ensure that adopters are up to the task and ready for the commitment for the life of the pet. Once you have determined that you are ready to share your home with a pet, the next step is visiting the shelter to meet the animals awaiting new homes.  After visiting with the animal that you are interested in, you will have a counseling session with a staff member who will inform you of the history, special needs, and food and exercise requirements. Feel free to ask questions about spaying or neutering, house training, obedience training, controlling fleas and ticks, and anything else of interest. As part of the adoption process, you will be asked to complete the following steps:

  • Provide general contact information (i.e., name, address, phone number, email)
  • Show proof of identity
  • Read and sign an adoption agreement
  • Pay the appropriate fees (see "Adoption Fees" below)

Adoption Fees

Species   Fee    Species   Fee  

Puppy (<6 mos)

$177 Ferret $28
Dog (>6 mos) $147 Rabbit $30
Senior Dog (>7 yrs) $82 Pocket Pet $3
Kitten (<6 mos) $112 Parakeet $8
Cat (>6 mos) $97 Cockatiel $30
Senior Cat (>7 yrs) $52 Parrot $500
    Macaw $1000


Dog and cat fees cover the veterinary care, spay/neuter surgery, de-worming, vaccines, disease screening (FeLV for cats only), dog license, microchip identification, ID tag, initial dose of flea control, a store voucher from PetSaver Healthy Pet Superstore for a free bag of pet food, and a free health exam voucher.    

Adoption Discounts

  • 2-Fur-1 Cats: Adopt one cat, get second cat free,
    • Year round promotion
    • Applies to all cats over 5 months of age
  • Senior Person Discount (For non-senior animals) 
    • $112 for dogs
    • $67.00 for cats
  • Senior Animal Discount (For non-senior citizens)
    • Animals over 7 years of age
    • $82 for senior dogs
    • $52.00 for senior cats
  • Seniors-For-Seniors Program
    • Any person over the age of 60 can adopt any animal over 7 years of age at no charge. 
    • License fees apply for dogs.


Hours & Location


Have questions about adoption or any of the animals you see? Call the office at (585) 428-7274, email us, or visit us (and the animals) in person. Also, check out our quarterly newsletter to learn more about what's happening at Animal Services.

Thank You Pet Supplies Plus 

The City of Rochester is grateful to Pet Supplies Plus for its donation of all of the cat litter and pet food used at the Animal Services Center. This support enables Animal Services to purchase veterinary supplies and shelter enrichment items that would not otherwise be possible.

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