Winter & Snow Parking Rules

Learn these parking rules to avoid mistakes that could cost you a fine or towing fee. Let's help keep Rochester's streets clear, hazard-free, and on the move all winter season long! Snow storm cleanup

Vehicles may not be parked for more than twelve hours on any city street, except where alternate parking regulations are in effect. On these streets, parking is permitted for the maximum period authorized by the alternate parking regulations. During major weather events, these regulations are strictly enforced.


When it snows, residents are encouraged to listen for media broadcasts announcing special snow clearance plans, and then take the corresponding action listed below: 

Plan  Rule 
Plowing Day Parking Restriction  
This plan applies whenever snowfall or weather conditions require that residential streets be plowed. Alternate side of street parking regulations must be followed throughout residential areas*. The generally posted pattern for alternate side parking is: Parking on the even-numbered side of the street only until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Parking on odd-numbered side only on Sunday and until 7:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Snow Emergency  
No parking is allowed on Snow Emergency Routes, as the City concentrates plowing efforts to keep all Snow Emergency Routes open and clear.
Parking Emergency  
This plan allows special effort to open snow clogged traffic lanes on residential streets. Parking on announced residential streets is prohibited, as residential streets are cleared from curb-to-curb.

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*NOTE: Where there are no posted parking restrictions on your street, follow regular alternate side of the street parking rules when a Plowing Day Parking Restriction is announced. If you live on a street where there is one-side-only parking or where restrictions differ from regular alternate side parking patterns, the City will announce special instructions through the media.