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 Youth Employment Training

Open to youth ages 14-20.Youth Employment Training prepares high school students for employment  through job-readiness boot camp. Participants receive employment training and opportunities for subsidized, year round job placement, and graduate with a portfolio, resulting in  increased employability.  

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The Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP) is an employment and training program for youth ages 14-20 and who are still in middle/high school. The program is designed to provide training and employment opportunities to youth while making a direct connection to success in school.  



 Summary of Activities  

After an application is submitted, youth attend the following sessions:  

Parent Orientation: Bureau of Employment Skills Training and Youth Services provides parent support and family development as a core component of its offerings.  SOOP seeks to involve and inform parents as partners in their children's development.  One-hour parent orientations provide necessary information that help youth be successful in the process, and also provide question and answer opportunities. 

Interviews: Students who complete all requirements will have an opportunity to competitively interview for appropriate summer employment opportunities.

Employment: Youth employees earn hands-on training and work experience during a 6-8 week summer employment opportunity with area employers.  

How to apply to be a Youth Participant in Summer of Opportunity  

To apply visit:  

Process information for 14 and 15 years of age 

Process information for 16 years of age and older

For more information

Call 585-428-6366 or visit

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